Affordable massage for athletes and dancers

Massage is very valuable for people who push their body to the limit. I also know the frustration of having to limit training, competing or performing or even completely stop due to injury or chronic pain. I provide quality massage therapy at an affordable price. My goal is to assist you in having a long and successful career which will ideally translate into a lifespan of healthy activity.


My manual therapy technique encourages mobility by incorporating deep tissue massage, release techniques (similar to Active Release Technique A.R.T., tool assisted (similar to Graston) Active Isolated Stretching,  NormaTec compression boots. I have trained as a multi-sport athlete and dancer so I am quite aware of the how your body may feel as the result of training.
Rather than perform formulated massage strokes or employ extreme and pin-pointed pressure so as to induce pain, I try to cater each session to the unique needs of my client.

What to bring

I will often incorporate Active Isolated Stretching into the session. Feel free to bring shorts or loose fitting pants. Payments are cash or check. Tipping is NOT permitted. Be warned, it is not a private room.  This is not a spa setting.  It is a fencing club.


Recent activities

Thanks to Unibell of Italy, for the use of a Tecar machine
I no longer have it